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Why Choose Lennox Air Conditioners For Your Home?

With the stifling heat of Houston in the summer, you’d want to have a good air conditioner to cool your home. The problem with that is trying to choose among the many brands in the market. However, there is a brand that stands out. Lennox produces several heating and cooling systems that are sold across the country.


Known for their high SEER ratings, this means that they are energy-efficient and effective. Most of their offerings have a two-stage operating system, which means their performance can be adjustable depending on your needs. A hot summer day may require an AC unit’s full power. Other seasons and climates may require less, which is why it is good to be able to manipulate the power consumption of your air conditioner. Read more of this post


Reasons to Get Sunsource® by Lennox HVAC Systems

It’s an irrefutable fact that solar power is one of the most commonly-harnessed sources of renewable energy in the world today. The improvements in solar technology have allowed homes to take advantage of this affordable energy source to power their HVAC systems. Sunsource® is one such innovation. Read more of this post

Lennox Air Conditioning – To Repair or Replace

Deciding whether to repair or replace an existing Lennox air conditioning unit can be difficult, particularly when you are concerned about the costs. However, you are more likely to be dealing with more costly issues when you put off the need to either repair or replace.

An experienced air conditioning contractor or technician can help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, so try not to sort things out by yourself.

A well-functioning air conditioner is essential to keeping your home cool whenever you need to, and it contributes to the quality of indoor air. Proper use and regular maintenance will keep your cooling system functional for a long period. However, repairs can be inevitable, particularly when you have an 8-10 year old Lennox AC unit.

When your HVAC system is no longer as effective and you’ve been constantly dealing with problems, then maybe it’s time for you to replace the unit. Have your air conditioner checked first by a professional to determine the exact causes of failure and whether some quick fixes can be applied.

AC repair may be an affordable solution, but it might not be the best option when thinking about long-term use. When you have to take care of repairs that would cost 50% or more of the value of your unit, replacement seems like a more practical route. Compare the pros and cons of having your unit repaired or replaced, especially in terms of convenience and costs.

Environmentally-Friendly AC Units

Houston, being located on an arid area, is used to hot temperatures. Compared to the rest of the country, Houston is one of the hottest places to live in. This is why air conditioning units are a hot commodity in Houston, with a lot of Houstonians putting it on full blast when the Sun gets angry.

The use of air conditioning units is fine, but problems for the environment arise when units use refrigerants like Freon that can cause damage to the ozone layer. This made homeowners more environmentally aware, eventually preferring more environment-friendly air conditioning units.

Changing an air conditioner to a more environment-friendly one has various benefits. They consume less energy than older units, reducing demand for energy across the board. The reduced environmental impact caused by a more eco-friendly refrigerant contributes to the worldwide cause of conserving the planet.

Most of these units usually carry an Energy Star mark, meaning they operate for less energy. There are also solar-powered units, which come with their own panels to convert solar energy into power. Despite these innovations being relatively new, this is an exciting prospect for Houston. As a city constantly exposed to the Sun, eco-friendly units can definitely help homes and buildings in reducing their electric bill.