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How Does Home Insulation Work?

Heating and cooling accounts for about 50 to 70% of the energy consumption in a typical American home – a huge piece of the pie, if you ask most experts. However, with adequate home insulation, heating and cooling bills can be slashed greatly.

Home insulation works by using resistant or absorptive materials that retard or prevent the passage of heat, cold, or sound (the first two being the most common reasons). It basically makes any home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Read more of this post


Home Insulation Guide: DIY or Hire a Professional?

Under-insulated homes are prone to hefty heating and cooling costs while properly insulated homes are more energy-efficient, comfortable, and cost-effective. This is why more and more homeowners strive to improve or install proper insulation systems; particularly now that energy costs keep on increasing. Read more of this post

Trap Heat with Protective Attic Insulation

Homes can potentially get even hotter than the outdoors during summer by containing sweltering temperatures. Heat can permeate the building (usually through the roof) and find its way inside, leaving the interior muggy and uncomfortably warm. Homeowners might be tempted to leave their air conditioning on in order to combat the heat, though this option could lead to higher energy consumption.

The better alternative to resolve this heat problem would be to install proper insulation. Adequate insulation can keep power costs down in the long run. Some skeptical householders might find insulation counterintuitive, since the material is designed to trap and prevent heat from leaving a home. However, insulation can be installed such that it can also turn away outdoor heat from entering a house.

The attic is the perfect place to install protective insulation, since the structure is often exposed to the scorching rays of the sun. An insulation material with an R-value of R-38 will be needed, since homes that experience a lot of warm weather won’t need much of the material to keep the heat indoors. If properly installed, the insulation should keep the heat trapped inside the attic, preventing it from going any further into the house.

Go Green, Save Money

According to the United Nation’s estimates, the world population will grow to 10 billion people by 2060. If people today are concerned about the rapidly dwindling energy sources, this 40% increase in population will put an even greater strain on the world’s finite fuel supply. Some sources peg that oil reserves will be depleted within 46 years, while natural gas and coal will be used up by 2072 and 2128, respectively.

In response to this, the government has laid out programs like the Energy Star initiative to make the country more energy efficient. If you’ve shopped around for a new refrigerator or dishwasher, you’ve probably noticed the Energy Star logo. Only products that exhibit superior energy efficiency bear this seal, which helps consumers buy ecologically friendly appliances.

Aside from this, the Obama administration is also rewarding people for making their homes more energy efficient. For example, if you add insulation to your Houston home before the year ends, you may qualify for a 10% tax credit on the cost of materials up to $500. Since insulation prevents heat transfer, you’ll benefit from lower heating and cooling costs while helping the country conserve energy.

Since households are one of the biggest consumers of energy in the country, conservation should begin at home. Its rewards go beyond energy savings—it ensures a sustainable future for the next generation.