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Different Types of Insulation

Families in Houston understand the importance of heat insulation in their homes. The latest winter the city experienced, which brought cold temperatures and snow to different areas in Texas, has brought the importance of proper insulation back to center stage.

There are different insulation options available for households to choose from. Each one has their own benefits, but all promise better insulation for living conditions that are more comfortable. Here are some of them:

Batt and roll insulation

Batt insulation is large pieces of insulation made out of various materials. Two of the most common materials utilized for batt insulation are cotton and fiberglass. This kind of insulation is an easy DIY project, but it can become ineffective if there are gaps in the attic that weren’t expertly handled by a DIY homeowner.

Blown-in insulation

This type of insulation is the polar opposite of batt insulation as it comes smaller pieces. Blown-in insulation is most effective in covering hard-to-insulate spots in the attic, as the installer blasts the insulating material (fiberglass or cellulose) from a huge hose into the attic or other space.

Spray foam insulation

Spray foam insulation stands out from the two types as the installer can effectively move the building envelope from the attic floor to the roofline. This type of insulation works best with homes that have HVAC systems and ducts installed in the attic.