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Troubleshooting a Faulty AC Capacitor

For your air conditioner to work efficiently, it needs a quality fan and compressor system, and the equipment responsible for assisting these components during startup is called the capacitor. Capacitors store energy, and different ACs will have capacitors of varying electrical storage capacity depending on the need. There are times though, that your capacitor might act up, during which you should call for efficient HVAC repair immediately. Read more of this post


Common Dehumidifier Problems

People in places that get a lot of humidity, especially in the warmer months, are in need of a dehumidifier to keep excessive moisture out of the air. However, like all equipment in your house, it can be prone to certain functional problems, prompting a visit from your friendly HVAC contractor. Here are some of the most common dehumidifier problems to watch out for:

No Power

Is your dehumidifier not turning on? Disconnect its main power plug from the socket and plug something else in. If it also doesn’t turn on, you might have a problem with your electrical system. Otherwise, the equipment’s safety device might have been pulled, which could happen should the reservoir fill up completely. Read more of this post

The Value of Keeping HVACs in Good Condition

In Houston, one thing you ought to know by heart is to keep your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems (HVACs) in good condition whenever possible. According to the Consortium of Energy Efficiency, the proper maintenance of commercial central air conditioning and heat pumps alone can save up to 50% more energy. This is more or less the same with residential properties.

That in mind, some contractors offer preventive maintenance services that help you save money on functional HVAC systems. Opting for these services can also help you to keep your systems working in the short and long term. More importantly, it prepares your air conditioners and heaters for the changing seasons.

Otherwise, your HVACs might not run as efficiently as they should and cause your energy bills to spike. That is especially true for air conditioners because, say, a broken thermostat forces the former to generate cold air even when that is not necessary. A broken thermostat in your other HVACs can also indicate serious electrical problems, which can result in total breakdown and complete replacement in the future.

All of the above might seem a lot to take in, but they all depend on your initiative. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to contact a Houston HVAC repair service before issues occur.

Keeping HVACs in Good Condition During Winter

While winter in Houston might not be as frigid as that in other states, locals still ought to keep their HVAC systems in good condition. Doing so, after all, enables them to save on their energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), appliances and electronics account for close to 20 percent of energy bills in the home. Read more of this post

General HVAC Troubleshooting Tips

Your HVAC or heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is one of the busiest working systems in your home, and also one of the most important. This also means that it can act up quite often, or just break down altogether and stop functioning. Read more of this post

Optimal, Primed: Transforming Your Worn HVAC

Responsible for delivering comfort to indoor spaces, HVAC systems work hard to produce precious cooled or warmed air. Although heavily relied upon during extreme summer or winter periods, the appliances can be costly liabilities due to their steep power demands. Homeowners will need to optimize their HVAC systems if they find that they’re spending more than usual for their energy bills.

Poor HVAC performance leads to the system’s increased power consumption, and it’s usually due to a number of hiccups and flaws in the assembly. It goes without saying that householders should get to the bottom of these problems if they wish to restore their HVAC’s efficiency. While regular maintenance can prevent these issues, some of these problems can just emerge from out of the blue, prompting householders to immediately resolve them.

Dirty air filters, leaky ducts, clogged blowers, poor insulation, and compromised parts can lower HVAC efficiency, forcing the system to output less air and expend more energy. While it’s possible for homeowners to replace or clean these components on their own, they might not have the right equipment and experience to do a proper job. It’s probably better to call an expert contractor or technician who can professionally restore the HVAC system back to tiptop shape.

Common Problems of Oil Furnaces

Texan cities like Midland and Odessa are well known throughout the United States as having a rich oil supply. For this reason, locals in these cities, and even other cities like Houston, can definitely depend on oil furnaces for much needed warmth and comfort without having to worry about the oil supply this winter. However, locals may be assured of a steady supply to power their oil furnaces, but they can’t be assured of trouble-free operations.

For one, over time, filters in oil furnaces are prone to dirt and soot buildup, which will then block the flow of warm air. Fortunately, homeowners can quickly solve this problem by removing all traces of dirt and soot from the filters as much as they can. However, if the filters have been used for 90 days or more and the heating system emits a dusty odor, homeowners can benefit from changing them instead of simply cleaning them.

Noise from oil furnaces is another common problem experienced by homeowners. However, homeowners have to distinguish whether the sound that their furnaces produce is a cause for alarm or not. Oil furnaces rarely operate quietly, so a bit of noise is to be expected. However, knocking, clattering, and squealing sounds are indicative of trouble for which only a professional HVAC contractor can properly attend to.

Keeping Residents Healthy This Winter Season

As freezing temperatures are felt throughout Houston this winter, many locals are likely to be focusing on ways to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Things like sealing their windows and purchasing highly efficient heating systems from leading manufacturers like Trane.

However, what some locals may not know is that as they turn up their furnace settings to ensure they are cozy and warm at home, they are making indoor air even drier. Dry indoor air may not sound alarming at first, but it can make a home’s occupants more prone to scaly skin and dry noses.

Having cracking skin and dry nasal passages can increase the chance of catching a disease or infection. Fortunately, people can turn up their heaters as high as they need to without having to worry about their heath, if they allow a Trane humidifier to enter the picture.

A humidifier does not only ensure an ambient moisture level at home, it also protects the home against dust mites, and mold growth, two likely causes for allergies. Homeowners can maximize the efficiency of humidifiers by making sure to use distilled water or demineralized water.

Humidifier water must also be changed frequently to avoid dirt buildup. In addition, unlike heating or cooling systems that can go without cleaning for months, it is recommended that humidifiers be cleaned once every three days.

Restoring Balance: Repairing an HVAC System

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are some of the most used home devices due to their role in controlling indoor temperatures. Valuable in both summer and winter weather, HVACs see plenty of use throughout their service lifespans, although that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all smooth sailing for these appliances. Like all large home appliances, HVACs will inevitably suffer from wear and tear, and will require maintenance every once in a while to remain in good condition.

Among other things, HVAC systems are susceptible to leaks. These devices work by pumping air throughout a building via ducts, and it only takes a small leak to compromise the whole system. HVAC leaks must be sealed properly in order to restore the efficiency of the whole system. In any case, it can be a challenge to detect where the leakage is coming from.

Sometimes, it’s the HVAC itself that has a problem. If the device fails to turn on properly, makes funny noises, or displays a noticeably weaker performance despite the absence of leaks, then a mechanical problem could be the culprit. Given that HVACs are delicate devices, it wouldn’t be wise to go about tinkering with their mechanisms. It’s better to simply call for a trained technician who can identify the root cause of the problem and fix it.

HVAC Maintenance Tips—Why Hire an Expert

Winter is on its way, which means your home is under threat of freezing. Fortunately, your home heating is fully functioning to provide you a comfortable living environment throughout the cold season, or is it? After several months of infrequent use, your heating system might still be hibernating and you might have trouble running it when winter finally sets in. Have it cranked up by a professional technician to make sure it won’t act up when you need it most.

In choosing and HVAC contractor to do the repairs, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Included in the basic things to ask for are a license and insurance information. This is just to make sure the business you are contracting isn’t shady and have the necessary skills and quality workmanship. A license proves that the contractor has been complying with certain standards set by the state, while insurance protects you from any liability.

The United States government is currently in the business of combating climate change. One of their programs is the widespread use of energy-efficient equipment and materials, which include your HVAC. Make sure that the HVAC contractor uses energy-efficient equipment so that you can save on energy.

Hiring a reliable HVAC contractor will help you survive the winter and save money. While doing your own upkeep and repair will cost you less, entrusting the task to experts will guarantee better workmanship. Besides, good workmanship saves you the trouble of repairing newborn malfunction issues.