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Important Parts to Maintain in your AC

Caring for your equipment at home ensures your continued comfort and convenience. Take your air conditioner, for example. If you don’t properly clean and maintain it, you’ll find your home scorching hot in the dead of summer. Here are but a few of the important AC components that you should constantly be on the lookout for:

Air Filters

Dirty air filters could eventually cause your AC to malfunction and get easily worn down. You should clean or replace your filters at least once at the very beginning of the cooling seasons to avoid complications. Read more of this post


A Reliable Dehumidifier’s Benefits to Health

Houston is one the most humid cities in the Lone Star State, and the rest of America for that matter. The city’s relative humidity averages around 75% daily and peaks up to 90% on mornings, according to weather statistics. To avoid the consequences of excessive humidity to your health, invest on a trusty dehumidifier for your home. Here are just some of the health benefits of a reliable dehumidifier:

  • It’s more difficult to breathe fully and smoothly in muggy rooms. The dense amount of moisture indoors tends to impair smooth air flow through the respiratory system. Bacteria and viruses that can cause coughs and colds are also easily carried through humid air. Dehumidifiers reduce these high moisture levels for optimal breathing.

  • The body primarily depends on dry air to produce sweat and lose body heat. High humidity levels, which are a result of high temperatures, prevent effective sweating. Note that dehydration or heat stress and even heat stroke can happen in hot, humid climates. Efficient dehumidifiers consistently regulate the home’s humidity for effective body temperature regulation.

  • Molds and pests thrive in high-moisture areas. Allowing humidity to condense like steam on the home’s various surfaces makes plenty of room for molds to grow. Pests like dust mites, cockroaches, and fleas also thrive in humid environments. These insects and microorganisms can pollute the air and trigger allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory infections. Trusty dehumidifiers are helpful in preventing the growth of harmful molds and nasty pests.

Getting On the Budget Trane

Homeowners, who want to keep their homes exceptionally warm this winter and save money, should look at upgrading to a Trane furnace. These high quality furnaces have a particularly high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. However, if your budget for your HVAC is a bit limited, and you live in a moderate climate, you can opt for a gas furnace of lesser AFUE grades – of which Trane Inc. offers in the form of the XL80.

The XL80’s AFUE has been graded at 80%, which is enough for heating solutions in moderate climates, but not enough for higher latitudes. The core of the system is a four-speed blower motor backed up by a primary heat exchanger with two-stage heating operation and a multi-port burner.

The furnace also has the capability of being interlinked with existing digital thermostats. Product support and reliability are among the hallmarks of the XL80. Like every Trane product, the XL80 carries a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and ten years on other parts. The furnace is listed at a cost no more than $1,400 including installation.

If you aren’t living on the North Pole, and you are looking for a furnace that won’t cost an arm and a leg, hop on the budget train, and purchase a Trane XL80! 

Do You Have Failing AC Units? Let the Pros Handle It

A lot of people look forward to the winter season because it might be the only time of year when they can take a breather from work. This is also the ideal time to have air conditioning units inspected. Annual inspections go a long way to keeping your AC units in tiptop condition long before summer starts. Read more of this post

Keeping Residents Healthy This Winter Season

As freezing temperatures are felt throughout Houston this winter, many locals are likely to be focusing on ways to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Things like sealing their windows and purchasing highly efficient heating systems from leading manufacturers like Trane.

However, what some locals may not know is that as they turn up their furnace settings to ensure they are cozy and warm at home, they are making indoor air even drier. Dry indoor air may not sound alarming at first, but it can make a home’s occupants more prone to scaly skin and dry noses.

Having cracking skin and dry nasal passages can increase the chance of catching a disease or infection. Fortunately, people can turn up their heaters as high as they need to without having to worry about their heath, if they allow a Trane humidifier to enter the picture.

A humidifier does not only ensure an ambient moisture level at home, it also protects the home against dust mites, and mold growth, two likely causes for allergies. Homeowners can maximize the efficiency of humidifiers by making sure to use distilled water or demineralized water.

Humidifier water must also be changed frequently to avoid dirt buildup. In addition, unlike heating or cooling systems that can go without cleaning for months, it is recommended that humidifiers be cleaned once every three days.

Ensure a Comfortable Stay for Wintertime Guests

Some parts of the country have it bad in the winter, while others, like Houston, have it relatively easy. As such, don’t be surprised if close relatives or friends from colder parts of the country request to stay at your place for a couple of weeks to escape from Old Man Winter. However, to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system must be in optimum condition.

After all, you’ll want to achieve the right indoor temperature levels – neither too hot nor cold – for optimum thermal comfort. While there are some air conditioner maintenance tasks you can easily handle by yourself, such as cleaning or changing the filters, it’s only sensible to hire air conditioning specialists if you need to troubleshoot more advanced problems. These professionals are trained in repairing well-known AC brands like Trane, so you know your AC is in good hands.

AC issues that are best handled by professionals include refrigerant leaks, which is the usual culprit for when the air doesn’t cool at the desired temperature or doesn’t cool at all. Another AC issue that’s within the same ballpark is constant cycling, a problem that can normally be address with an adjustment of the thermostat sensor. Getting these problems fixed professionally will mean a more comfortable stay for your guests this winter.