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Common Problems of Oil Furnaces

Texan cities like Midland and Odessa are well known throughout the United States as having a rich oil supply. For this reason, locals in these cities, and even other cities like Houston, can definitely depend on oil furnaces for much needed warmth and comfort without having to worry about the oil supply this winter. However, locals may be assured of a steady supply to power their oil furnaces, but they can’t be assured of trouble-free operations.

For one, over time, filters in oil furnaces are prone to dirt and soot buildup, which will then block the flow of warm air. Fortunately, homeowners can quickly solve this problem by removing all traces of dirt and soot from the filters as much as they can. However, if the filters have been used for 90 days or more and the heating system emits a dusty odor, homeowners can benefit from changing them instead of simply cleaning them.

Noise from oil furnaces is another common problem experienced by homeowners. However, homeowners have to distinguish whether the sound that their furnaces produce is a cause for alarm or not. Oil furnaces rarely operate quietly, so a bit of noise is to be expected. However, knocking, clattering, and squealing sounds are indicative of trouble for which only a professional HVAC contractor can properly attend to.