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Tips in Keeping Air Conditioner Repair Costs Down

Careful owners will do everything in their power to prolong the life of their air conditioners, especially if they’re made by leading brands like Amana. However, wear-and-tear is inevitable with any appliance that is consistently used, and the time always comes when repair is required.

Before you start dialing any numbers, keep in mind that any kind of air conditioner repair (especially if the unit is from a major brand like Amana) will cost you money. However, you can keep repair costs down with simple, easy-to-follow tips. Read more of this post


Signs That Your Refrigerator Needs Help

The refrigerator is arguably the most important appliance in existence in the kitchen. It is due to its invention that the idea of storing perishable goods for a considerable amount of time has become more convenient and practical.

However, refrigerators will eventually wear down and cease to function properly. Like any other appliances, refrigerators will not last for a long time if they are not taken care of and are not fixed immediately if these signs show up.

Uncertain Temperatures

Cold temperatures are the defining features of refrigerators, so a refrigerator that freezes food or ineffectively chills the food that you are storing in it should raise some concerns. It is possible that the thermostat and/or the compressor motor are to blame.


While refrigerators are supposed to make a soft humming noise during the refrigeration process, it should make banging noises when its doors are shut. This problem can be attributed to poor condenser mounting. It is important that you have a professional check out the refrigerator to assess its condition.

High Energy Bills

If the refrigerator is using too much energy just to keep the food chilled, then you can be certain that there is something off with your refrigerator. It can vary from worn down parts to a poor sealing system.

Keeping HVACs in Good Condition During Winter

While winter in Houston might not be as frigid as that in other states, locals still ought to keep their HVAC systems in good condition. Doing so, after all, enables them to save on their energy bills. According to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), appliances and electronics account for close to 20 percent of energy bills in the home. Read more of this post

Pick Your Amana Air Conditioning Unit Carefully!

Any responsible consumer, such as yourself, knows that air conditioning (AC) units are an investment. Buy the wrong one for your house and you’ll end up with a huge power bill in the long run. Aside from that, purchasing a unit from reputable brands like Amana would help you in the future, considering that all ACs encounter performance issues at some point in time. Without excellent customer service, you’d end up paying more money for repairs than you should.

However, there are other things you should consider about your investment, namely the type of your AC as well as its size. Some units are more efficient and practical than others depending on how they’re used. For example, while a single-room AC is suitable for one room, installing five similar ACs to five different rooms may be more costly than installing a central air conditioning system. Meanwhile, a portable air conditioner may not be as efficient as a wall-mounted version, but it can be shared throughout the household and be stored away for later use.

Some units may even have special features and functions, like a sleep mode that regulates the cold at nighttime and prevents bedtime chills. Others have energy-saving switches, which saves power by turning off the AC’s fans whenever the thermostat says that they’re no longer needed.

Troubleshooting Amana Fridge Cooling Problems

This year, your close relatives have requested that you host this year’s Thanksgiving dinner. As you want the holiday gathering to go perfectly, you plan the menu in advance, which will include Houston’s favorite side dishes like white cheddar mashed potatoes and glazed carrots, and you buy a quality 15-pound frozen turkey at your favorite supermarket. The problem is though, you came home last night to a puddle in your kitchen, and it turns out your fridge has stopped working.

A refrigerator that doesn’t cool is not the end of the world though, as there are simple fixes you can do. First, check the thermostat and see if it is set correctly. Someone in your household may have crammed a tub of ice cream into it that caused the thermostat to slide to “Off.” Second, check for dirt in the coils under or behind the fridge, as dirt can lead to a cooling problem.

Also check the vents behind the fridge and see if there aren’t any grocery bags or boxes that were left there by mistake. If you didn’t see any problem with the thermostat, the coils, and the vents, consider enlisting the services of a Houston Amana appliance repair specialist to restore your refrigerator to working condition. It may have a system problem that no do-it-yourselfer can fix.