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The Warning Signs That Show Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Air conditioners may be tough pieces of equipment, but machines do have their limits. They just don’t stop working out of the blue. Without proper care and regular maintenance, they reach their limits faster than their shelf life. Here are three red flags to watch out for; signs to take heed that it may be time to call on the experts:

It Feels Warmer than Usual

This usually means something is wrong with the airflow. The problems could range anywhere from having clogged air filters or vents. Filters should be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis, preferably every month. If the problem persists, call a repair man to check your ductwork and vents. Read more of this post


How Air Conditioning Systems Work

Since its invention by American electrical engineer Willis Haviland Carrier, air conditioners has come to be one of the most ubiquitous appliances in households and commercial establishments today. They’re extremely valuable in the summer months, and people take it for granted that any store or office they walk into would have an air conditioning system running for everyone’s comfort. How does this amazing invention cool hot heads to make life a tad more bearable for them in a blistering summer noon? Here’s a fairly simple explanation. Read more of this post

A Look at Home Savings through Air Conditioning

There are so many ways for you to save on utility costs in your home. For instance: did you know that maintaining your air conditioner can contribute to that?

With the daily grind of home ACs, especially in the summer, these appliances are bound to incur damages and break down eventually. Such damages tend to go unnoticed, accumulate, and lead to the unit’s malfunction. This could well be the reason behind your home’s soaring utility costs. Read more of this post

Some Handy Tips for Keeping Your AC Unit Running

It is pretty easy to locate any signs that your air conditioning unit is in trouble. If you spot them, then here are some measures you can take in order to avoid losing the unit completely. Read more of this post

Lennox Air Conditioning – To Repair or Replace

Deciding whether to repair or replace an existing Lennox air conditioning unit can be difficult, particularly when you are concerned about the costs. However, you are more likely to be dealing with more costly issues when you put off the need to either repair or replace.

An experienced air conditioning contractor or technician can help you determine the most appropriate and cost-effective solution, so try not to sort things out by yourself.

A well-functioning air conditioner is essential to keeping your home cool whenever you need to, and it contributes to the quality of indoor air. Proper use and regular maintenance will keep your cooling system functional for a long period. However, repairs can be inevitable, particularly when you have an 8-10 year old Lennox AC unit.

When your HVAC system is no longer as effective and you’ve been constantly dealing with problems, then maybe it’s time for you to replace the unit. Have your air conditioner checked first by a professional to determine the exact causes of failure and whether some quick fixes can be applied.

AC repair may be an affordable solution, but it might not be the best option when thinking about long-term use. When you have to take care of repairs that would cost 50% or more of the value of your unit, replacement seems like a more practical route. Compare the pros and cons of having your unit repaired or replaced, especially in terms of convenience and costs.

Why Opt For Professional Air Conditioning Repair

Your HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is a crucial element affecting the level of comfort and amount of energy consumption in your home. Hence, you ought to make sure that your heating and air conditioning units are working the way that they should be. When the time comes for you to have your AC repaired or replaced, it’s always a wiser idea to go for the services of professional technicians.

It’s even more essential that you hire the services of a credible AC repair and maintenance company when you have two or more units in your household. Your units may need immediate repair or replacement of vital parts that only the certified technicians can conveniently provide, mainly when they are affiliated with trusted manufacturers. Bad things could happen to your appliances that could be costly and stressful when you resort to do-it-yourself repair tricks.

It doesn’t matter whether you have the best or the most expensive air conditioning system when you don’t actually make it a point that proper and regular maintenance is implemented. Even the most reliable systems can break down, especially when you live in areas with extreme weather patterns forcing you to maximize the usage of your HVAC units. Air conditioning repair and maintenance companies can ensure a well-performing unit before and after change of seasons.

Signs that You Need Professional AC Repair

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you should take your broken home air conditioning for granted. Do not wait for the cold season to end before having your unit fixed. Otherwise, the damage might worsen until you can no longer save it for summer, and the only option left is to replace it. Here are some indicators that you need professional air conditioning repair right away.

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t give off as much cool air as it used to, either the refrigerant has been used up or the passage of cool air has been blocked by hardened dust particles. Air conditioning repair professionals are the ones who can refill refrigerant and clean the system better. Do not take the risk of doing either task on your own to prevent further damage to the system.

Carefully listening to the sound created by your unit when it’s on is a simple test you should practice. If a strange noise you’ve never heard before suddenly comes out, probably the belts or the blower’s bearings are already worn out. They must be replaced before the wear and tear gets larger.

Before calling a professional, make sure that you’ve performed basic troubleshooting first. Some problems may be fixed by simple cleaning and restarting. This will save you time and money. Call a professional only if you’ve exhausted all your methods and there’s no good result.

Tips on Maintaining Your Air Conditioner’s Condenser

The condenser is an essential part of every room or central air conditioning system, as it helps air move across the cooling coils, which then lower the air’s temperature. In most AC units, you can identify the condenser quite quickly. Here are some maintenance tips that you can try to keep your condenser functioning effectively:

Clean the Surroundings

If your condenser is set on the ground outside your house, make sure to clear the area of grass, vines and other things that may get inside the unit and cause it to function erratically. Then, use a commercial coil cleaner to clean up the unit itself, taking care to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Flush the coil clean and allow it to dry.

Cleaning the Fins

Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris that may have gathered in the condenser’s fins; make sure that the protective grilles are properly removed (you may have to hose this down, too). Take note that the fins are extremely fragile, as they are made of light aluminum, so hosing it down should be out of the question.

Seasonal Cleaning

Outside condenser units should be protected from the ravages of the weather, particularly throughout autumn and winter. You can find commercially sold condenser covers for this, just make sure that it’s the appropriate size for your condenser.

Tweaking the AC for Better Efficiency

It is always a blessing to have an air conditioner at home. When you are living in the great city of Houston, TX, you’d probably be happy to have the cair conditioner going in the harsh heat of summer and in the modest winter. Still, you might wish that the unit is giving you more cold air for the same utility cost. It can be possible through the following steps:

Location is important in the installation of the air conditioning. For instance, the machine should be clear of any vegetation at home and away from sunlight. Flammables such as dry leaves can set off a fire, given the amount of heat it gives off. Set up a regular maintenance program with your provider. The parts of major concern include the filters, coils, and blowers which must be cleaned to achieve optimum power.

Operating time is important; in this respect, your air conditioning system must have a control interface to shut down airflow to unoccupied rooms. A time-control function in your thermostat can preset operating periods during certain times of the day like two hours a night. Afterward, electric fans may help circulate the airflow.

An air conditioner will always be a good investment for your home. Learning how to bolster its efficiency will warrant a longer operating life.

Ensure a Comfortable Stay for Wintertime Guests

Some parts of the country have it bad in the winter, while others, like Houston, have it relatively easy. As such, don’t be surprised if close relatives or friends from colder parts of the country request to stay at your place for a couple of weeks to escape from Old Man Winter. However, to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system must be in optimum condition.

After all, you’ll want to achieve the right indoor temperature levels – neither too hot nor cold – for optimum thermal comfort. While there are some air conditioner maintenance tasks you can easily handle by yourself, such as cleaning or changing the filters, it’s only sensible to hire air conditioning specialists if you need to troubleshoot more advanced problems. These professionals are trained in repairing well-known AC brands like Trane, so you know your AC is in good hands.

AC issues that are best handled by professionals include refrigerant leaks, which is the usual culprit for when the air doesn’t cool at the desired temperature or doesn’t cool at all. Another AC issue that’s within the same ballpark is constant cycling, a problem that can normally be address with an adjustment of the thermostat sensor. Getting these problems fixed professionally will mean a more comfortable stay for your guests this winter.