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How Air Conditioning Systems Work

Since its invention by American electrical engineer Willis Haviland Carrier, air conditioners has come to be one of the most ubiquitous appliances in households and commercial establishments today. They’re extremely valuable in the summer months, and people take it for granted that any store or office they walk into would have an air conditioning system running for everyone’s comfort. How does this amazing invention cool hot heads to make life a tad more bearable for them in a blistering summer noon? Here’s a fairly simple explanation. Read more of this post


AC Unit Maintenance Tips

The air conditioning unit is an important appliance for Houston households, especially when the summer season finally kicks in. Temperatures in summertime can easily hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so the comforts of an air conditioning unit is a wonderful blessing.

However, a poorly maintained air conditioning unit can mean oven-like temperatures for everyone in the household. It is important that families take proper care of their AC units as they will extensively use them when the heat becomes too uncomfortable.

Ideally, it is good to check the condition of the AC unit before it is used lengthily. Even if summer is still more than three months away, it is better to ensure the condition of your air conditioning unit to prevent any mishaps from happening in the future.

First of all, the unit’s breaker should be checked. If the breaker has tripped, the unit will cease to function. The breaker will give the owner an overall idea of the condition of the machine. If the breaker has tripped, a professional should be called to confirm this, and the owner should contemplate on replacing the entire unit.

The thermostat should be properly functioning to provide the right amount of cold. The filter must be clean to help the unit run more efficiently. Any ice deposits in the unit should be melted off. Finally, clean the unit. Taking care of your AC system will assure you that there won’t be any hiccups once summer kicks in. 

Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble

Many Houstonians know the importance of an efficient air conditioning unit. Houston is a city that easily hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, so an efficient AC unit can help them be more comfortable.

However, the AC unit is susceptible to damage and problems. The AC unit must be taken care of like any other machine in order to prevent more costly problems from happening. Here are some AC problems that should make you think when you encounter them.

Excessive Noise

Current AC units are designed to run as efficiently and quietly as possible. If your air conditioner makes too much noise, then it is a sign that tells you to contact an expert as soon as possible. It probably means that a component inside the machine is getting loose, or it already has.

Strange Odors

You would usually smell nothing when you turn the AC on. However, you should be alarmed if you smell something strange when the AC is on. It is important to check whether the filter needs cleaning or there is a decaying carcass of an animal inside the unit. If the scent is a burnt one, then there’s something wrong with the wiring.

Warm Air

A definite sign of a problem is if the air conditioning unit is putting out warm air. This will have a negative effect on your energy bills, and you need an expert to check it out right away.

Some Handy Tips for Keeping Your AC Unit Running

It is pretty easy to locate any signs that your air conditioning unit is in trouble. If you spot them, then here are some measures you can take in order to avoid losing the unit completely. Read more of this post

Signs that You Need Professional AC Repair

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you should take your broken home air conditioning for granted. Do not wait for the cold season to end before having your unit fixed. Otherwise, the damage might worsen until you can no longer save it for summer, and the only option left is to replace it. Here are some indicators that you need professional air conditioning repair right away.

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t give off as much cool air as it used to, either the refrigerant has been used up or the passage of cool air has been blocked by hardened dust particles. Air conditioning repair professionals are the ones who can refill refrigerant and clean the system better. Do not take the risk of doing either task on your own to prevent further damage to the system.

Carefully listening to the sound created by your unit when it’s on is a simple test you should practice. If a strange noise you’ve never heard before suddenly comes out, probably the belts or the blower’s bearings are already worn out. They must be replaced before the wear and tear gets larger.

Before calling a professional, make sure that you’ve performed basic troubleshooting first. Some problems may be fixed by simple cleaning and restarting. This will save you time and money. Call a professional only if you’ve exhausted all your methods and there’s no good result.

Tweaking the AC for Better Efficiency

It is always a blessing to have an air conditioner at home. When you are living in the great city of Houston, TX, you’d probably be happy to have the cair conditioner going in the harsh heat of summer and in the modest winter. Still, you might wish that the unit is giving you more cold air for the same utility cost. It can be possible through the following steps:

Location is important in the installation of the air conditioning. For instance, the machine should be clear of any vegetation at home and away from sunlight. Flammables such as dry leaves can set off a fire, given the amount of heat it gives off. Set up a regular maintenance program with your provider. The parts of major concern include the filters, coils, and blowers which must be cleaned to achieve optimum power.

Operating time is important; in this respect, your air conditioning system must have a control interface to shut down airflow to unoccupied rooms. A time-control function in your thermostat can preset operating periods during certain times of the day like two hours a night. Afterward, electric fans may help circulate the airflow.

An air conditioner will always be a good investment for your home. Learning how to bolster its efficiency will warrant a longer operating life.