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How to Choose an AC Repairman in Houston

Houston’s scorching summer heat can be unbearable without the help of air conditioning. The problem is when your AC unit suddenly breaks down. If your meager attempts to repair it on your own fail, you’re going to have to call for professional help.

There are a lot of repair companies in the city. How is one to choose from all of them? Here are a few things to check to make sure you are making the right choice. Read more of this post


Important Parts to Maintain in your AC

Caring for your equipment at home ensures your continued comfort and convenience. Take your air conditioner, for example. If you don’t properly clean and maintain it, you’ll find your home scorching hot in the dead of summer. Here are but a few of the important AC components that you should constantly be on the lookout for:

Air Filters

Dirty air filters could eventually cause your AC to malfunction and get easily worn down. You should clean or replace your filters at least once at the very beginning of the cooling seasons to avoid complications. Read more of this post

What to Do When Your AC Won’t Cool Your Home

The primary function of your air conditioning unit is to maintain a cool indoor environment during hot days. If it stops giving off cool air, your home will lose its comfort and the intense heat both indoor and outdoor may lead to heat stroke. Here are some of the reasons why your AC won’t cool your home. Upon identifying them, you will know the right troubleshooting techniques.

Frozen Condenser Coil

Essentially, freezing condenser coils may be a result, not a cause, of your device’s failure to produce cool air. When the duct is dirty or blocked, cool air returns to the system and starts freezing the coil. However, the frozen coils eventually lock the passage of cool air until nothing comes out of your AC. Thaw your frozen coils and eliminate whatever it is that’s blocking the air passage.

Improperly Set Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that switches a home’s AC on or off when needed. It controls the cool air being released by your devices according to your preferred setting. When your AC doesn’t cool down your home enough, check if your thermostat is properly set.

Inappropriate Size

An AC’s capacity is measured by its size. The larger the space to cool, the larger the unit should be. If your home is not getting sufficient cool from your AC despite setting it to maximum coolness, chances are it’s not big enough for your home. You can decide to distribute the cool air only to select rooms in the house.

Tweaking the AC for Better Efficiency

It is always a blessing to have an air conditioner at home. When you are living in the great city of Houston, TX, you’d probably be happy to have the cair conditioner going in the harsh heat of summer and in the modest winter. Still, you might wish that the unit is giving you more cold air for the same utility cost. It can be possible through the following steps:

Location is important in the installation of the air conditioning. For instance, the machine should be clear of any vegetation at home and away from sunlight. Flammables such as dry leaves can set off a fire, given the amount of heat it gives off. Set up a regular maintenance program with your provider. The parts of major concern include the filters, coils, and blowers which must be cleaned to achieve optimum power.

Operating time is important; in this respect, your air conditioning system must have a control interface to shut down airflow to unoccupied rooms. A time-control function in your thermostat can preset operating periods during certain times of the day like two hours a night. Afterward, electric fans may help circulate the airflow.

An air conditioner will always be a good investment for your home. Learning how to bolster its efficiency will warrant a longer operating life.