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How to Choose an AC Repairman in Houston

Houston’s scorching summer heat can be unbearable without the help of air conditioning. The problem is when your AC unit suddenly breaks down. If your meager attempts to repair it on your own fail, you’re going to have to call for professional help.

There are a lot of repair companies in the city. How is one to choose from all of them? Here are a few things to check to make sure you are making the right choice. Read more of this post


AC Repair Tips

Most of the time, when an appliance in your home is malfunctioning or seemingly so, you always think of seeking a technician right away. Yet most of these troubles can be mended by common sense. Technicians are like doctors, you should only call them if the situation requires their expertise.

The two most common troubles of air conditioning that people encounter are that the unit doesn’t cool the house and that the unit has little or no airflow at all. Well, like the physicians, before they prescribe medicines or do procedures they establish first the cause of the problem.

To detect the trouble you must hold your hand in front of any cooling vents in the house. By doing so you will know if the air is warm or cold, yet not blowing enough to circulate the cold air in the house. Warm air coming out from the vent means there is a cooling problem, while poor blow corresponds to an airflow problem.

Cooling problems requires you to check the thermostat and make sure that it is set to cool option. If it doesn’t work, most probably you are low on coolant so you need to ring your AC dealer. If the trouble is airflow, you need to make sure that the vent is fully open. If it still doesn’t work, check to see if the filter is dirty and clean it. However, it is advisable to replace it with a new one.

Get Your AC Repaired Before the Heat Hits

Air conditioning is an important aspect of life for the residents of hot and humid Houston, Texas. The insanely hot temperature that makes thermometers dance around 90-100 degrees Fahrenheit is sure to take the wind out of Houstonians and overused AC units. Such heat prompts keen attention to AC repair and maintenance. Read more of this post

What to Do When Your AC Won’t Cool Your Home

The primary function of your air conditioning unit is to maintain a cool indoor environment during hot days. If it stops giving off cool air, your home will lose its comfort and the intense heat both indoor and outdoor may lead to heat stroke. Here are some of the reasons why your AC won’t cool your home. Upon identifying them, you will know the right troubleshooting techniques.

Frozen Condenser Coil

Essentially, freezing condenser coils may be a result, not a cause, of your device’s failure to produce cool air. When the duct is dirty or blocked, cool air returns to the system and starts freezing the coil. However, the frozen coils eventually lock the passage of cool air until nothing comes out of your AC. Thaw your frozen coils and eliminate whatever it is that’s blocking the air passage.

Improperly Set Thermostat

A thermostat is a device that switches a home’s AC on or off when needed. It controls the cool air being released by your devices according to your preferred setting. When your AC doesn’t cool down your home enough, check if your thermostat is properly set.

Inappropriate Size

An AC’s capacity is measured by its size. The larger the space to cool, the larger the unit should be. If your home is not getting sufficient cool from your AC despite setting it to maximum coolness, chances are it’s not big enough for your home. You can decide to distribute the cool air only to select rooms in the house.

Signs that You Need Professional AC Repair

Just because it is winter, doesn’t mean you should take your broken home air conditioning for granted. Do not wait for the cold season to end before having your unit fixed. Otherwise, the damage might worsen until you can no longer save it for summer, and the only option left is to replace it. Here are some indicators that you need professional air conditioning repair right away.

If your air conditioning unit doesn’t give off as much cool air as it used to, either the refrigerant has been used up or the passage of cool air has been blocked by hardened dust particles. Air conditioning repair professionals are the ones who can refill refrigerant and clean the system better. Do not take the risk of doing either task on your own to prevent further damage to the system.

Carefully listening to the sound created by your unit when it’s on is a simple test you should practice. If a strange noise you’ve never heard before suddenly comes out, probably the belts or the blower’s bearings are already worn out. They must be replaced before the wear and tear gets larger.

Before calling a professional, make sure that you’ve performed basic troubleshooting first. Some problems may be fixed by simple cleaning and restarting. This will save you time and money. Call a professional only if you’ve exhausted all your methods and there’s no good result.

Signs You Need to Call an AC Repair Service

In warm cities such as Houston, air conditioning units are necessary in the battle against the blistering heat. Frequent use, however, leaves these appliances more vulnerable to wear and tear. With this in mind, here are a few signs your unit needs to be examined by an air conditioning repair professional

Why is my AC so noisy?

Air conditioning units will make a few noises every now and then. However, it isn’t natural for these noises to be excessive or loud. If your air conditioner is making loud or excessive noises, turn off the unit to avoid further damage and call a repair service right away.

Why are my energy bills so high?

When there is a sudden spike in the energy bill, most people are quick to blame an inefficient unit and immediately make arrangements to purchase a replacement. However, be sure to call a repair service first before purchasing a new unit. Inefficient energy consumption can be a sign of clogged filters or low refrigerant levels, a fairly easy task for a professional.

Why isn’t it as cold as usual?

It doesn’t matter what the SEER rating of your unit was when you bought it; as the years go by, your unit will lose its efficiency. Call a professional if the temperature in your house is uneven or if the time it takes to reach the desired temperature is longer than it usually is.