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Why Choose Lennox Air Conditioners For Your Home?

With the stifling heat of Houston in the summer, you’d want to have a good air conditioner to cool your home. The problem with that is trying to choose among the many brands in the market. However, there is a brand that stands out. Lennox produces several heating and cooling systems that are sold across the country.


Known for their high SEER ratings, this means that they are energy-efficient and effective. Most of their offerings have a two-stage operating system, which means their performance can be adjustable depending on your needs. A hot summer day may require an AC unit’s full power. Other seasons and climates may require less, which is why it is good to be able to manipulate the power consumption of your air conditioner.


Costing between $3,250 and $8,000, Lennox high-quality models can be a strain on the wallet, but the company also offers more affordable models, with lower SEER ratings and less features. Even then, these models are great at what they do and are well worth the price.


Additionally, Lennox offers very good warranty coverage for its units. The premium units have a ten year warranty on parts, while the cheaper ones have a five-year warranty plan. This means you have less worries about repairs, which should even things out in the long term.


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