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The Warning Signs That Show Your Air Conditioning Needs Repair

Air conditioners may be tough pieces of equipment, but machines do have their limits. They just don’t stop working out of the blue. Without proper care and regular maintenance, they reach their limits faster than their shelf life. Here are three red flags to watch out for; signs to take heed that it may be time to call on the experts:

It Feels Warmer than Usual

This usually means something is wrong with the airflow. The problems could range anywhere from having clogged air filters or vents. Filters should be replaced or cleaned on a regular basis, preferably every month. If the problem persists, call a repair man to check your ductwork and vents.

Higher Utility Bills

If you find yourself paying higher for electricity, this is usually a sign of inefficient operation. If you’ve already cleaned your air filter, and the bills still keep rising, the problem could be caused by choked condensing coil. This usually happens when your unit is placed outside as the coil’s many cooling fins attract a lot of dust and dirt.

Strange Noises While Working

In the same way you know something is wrong with your car when the engine starts to choke, your AC would likely need a checkup when it starts to rattle or buzz. Sometimes, it is as simple as a loose screw, but it can be a sign of bigger problems like broken blower motor.

Know the signs when to call an AC repair expert; remember, if you’ve caught the problem early enough, it will be easier to repair the damage, and the cost could be more manageable.


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