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Knowing Common Water Heater Red Flags

Water heaters are one of the most overworked home appliances. The constant use makes them susceptible to wear-and-tear, which may give you more problems than you care to have when the system in your home hasn’t been maintained at all. Here are some of the most common water heater “red flags” that might signal the need for a much-needed repair.

Fluctuating temperatures. Is your water way hotter or cooler than preferred? Tinkering with the heater’s thermostat is a fairly simple fix. But if there’s absolutely no hot water coming from the unit, there might be a broken heating element, such as the gas thermocouple, if the unit is gas powered.

Too much noise. A hot water tank that bangs, creaks, or whines noisier than usual is definitely not a good sign. Most noise problems are caused by sediment that can build up inside the tank, which then comes in contact with the heating element and makes a lot of noise. Another reason might be the heating element itself, which could already be burning out.

Tank is leaking. Check the drip panel for leaked water. Know that all metal heating tanks will leak eventually because of continuous stress, and it will be a matter of time before the hot water finally eats through the tank. If the leaks can be spotted early, it is still possible to patch them up without entirely replacing the tank.

Daily troubleshooting and maintenance can prolong a water heater’s service tenure. But in the event that DIY doesn’t seem to work anymore, call a professional immediately.


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