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Tips in Keeping Air Conditioner Repair Costs Down

Careful owners will do everything in their power to prolong the life of their air conditioners, especially if they’re made by leading brands like Amana. However, wear-and-tear is inevitable with any appliance that is consistently used, and the time always comes when repair is required.

Before you start dialing any numbers, keep in mind that any kind of air conditioner repair (especially if the unit is from a major brand like Amana) will cost you money. However, you can keep repair costs down with simple, easy-to-follow tips.

First, get a pre-project estimate. A trustworthy repair company will send out a technician right to your home, often free of charge, to assess the damage and the repair cost. The estimate should give you the ballpark cost of repair and you can check around for other companies who may be able to give you even better value for your money. Repair costs average from $338 to $496, peaking at a maximum of $900; in any case, the cost varies according to the nature and scope of the damage.

Second, compare prices. It is vital to have not just one prospective contractor at hand, as each company has its own basis for pricing repair jobs. You should be able to find several companies that provide adequate justifications for their pricing; most of them in the business for a long are trustworthy ones, after all. While simpler A/C concerns can be fixed thru DIY, it is still best to leave the problems to a licensed professional.


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