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Troubleshooting a Faulty AC Capacitor

For your air conditioner to work efficiently, it needs a quality fan and compressor system, and the equipment responsible for assisting these components during startup is called the capacitor. Capacitors store energy, and different ACs will have capacitors of varying electrical storage capacity depending on the need. There are times though, that your capacitor might act up, during which you should call for efficient HVAC repair immediately.


A non-functioning AC fan is one of the most apparent symptoms of a faulty capacitor. Your condensing unit, which is typically found outdoors, has a fan with a capacitor, and so does the indoor part of your unit, so take note of which fan isn’t working to find out which capacitor to take out and replace or have repaired.

Need for Testing

Bad capacitors, however, don’t always have apparent symptoms, though. In any case, faulty ones will cause your AC to run more amps, thus increasing the electricity use and, in turn, your power bill. This is why it is always important to test your capacitor, which you can do using a conventional multimeter.


To remove your faulty capacitor, first make sure to turn off all switches and breakers connecting to your unit. You can reach the capacitor by removing the main outside panel, find the cylinder and disconnect the wires that attach to it, as you will have to reconnect them to your new capacitor.


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