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Clear the Air Smartly with Appliances from Lennox

Pollutants like mold, bacteria, and pet dander can find their way into your home every single day. Together with poor ventilation and unbalanced humidity levels, these contaminants can adversely affect your family’s health.


How do you stop something you can’t even see? It’s really simple. Follow these strategies utilizing appliances from top-rated manufacturers like Lennox to improve the air quality in your home:


Eliminate the source.


Invest in an air purification system designed to be attached to your furnace or air conditioner. These systems promptly remove and destroy contaminants before they move around your home.

Filter the air.


Filtering the air carefully captures even the smallest contaminants, including pollen, viruses, and house dust. Ward off these particles that aggravate allergy symptoms and do away with pollutants wandering about your living spaces.


Control humidity.


Too much humidity promotes mold and mildew growth, while too little can irritate skin and respiratory passages. To keep it balanced for optimal comfort and health, install a humidity gauge to help you monitor moisture levels. You can also repair any leaks and sealing cracks that let air in and out freely.

Regulate ventilation.


A lack of fresh air can make air feel heavy and lead to humidity imbalances. Improve air circulation by opening windows and doors, or consider a ventilation system that exchanges stuffy indoor air with fresher, cleaner air from the outside.


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