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AC Unit Maintenance Tips

The air conditioning unit is an important appliance for Houston households, especially when the summer season finally kicks in. Temperatures in summertime can easily hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit, so the comforts of an air conditioning unit is a wonderful blessing.

However, a poorly maintained air conditioning unit can mean oven-like temperatures for everyone in the household. It is important that families take proper care of their AC units as they will extensively use them when the heat becomes too uncomfortable.

Ideally, it is good to check the condition of the AC unit before it is used lengthily. Even if summer is still more than three months away, it is better to ensure the condition of your air conditioning unit to prevent any mishaps from happening in the future.

First of all, the unit’s breaker should be checked. If the breaker has tripped, the unit will cease to function. The breaker will give the owner an overall idea of the condition of the machine. If the breaker has tripped, a professional should be called to confirm this, and the owner should contemplate on replacing the entire unit.

The thermostat should be properly functioning to provide the right amount of cold. The filter must be clean to help the unit run more efficiently. Any ice deposits in the unit should be melted off. Finally, clean the unit. Taking care of your AC system will assure you that there won’t be any hiccups once summer kicks in. 


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