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Never Go Wrong with an ADB1400PYS

Dishwashers are one of the much-needed devices in every American kitchen. If you are in the market for a dishwasher replacement that’s very efficient and helps the environment, your appliance seller can encourage you to go for the best in the line. One of the most recognized models around includes the ADB1400PYS Tall-Tub by Amana Corp.


Reviews the ADB1400PYS will tell you that this is a product worth buying. The machine has normal, heavy, and one-hour wash cycle settings, manageable by an easy-to-read electronic console. Cleaning efficiency is enhanced with heated washing and drying, soil sensors to detect particles, and three filters.


The ADB1400PYS’ design allows for two sliding stainless steel racks, one on top of the other. The main rack itself has separate silverware baskets. A larger size also helps in washing items too big for regular dishwasher tubs.

Tech Support

The ADB1400PYS is one of the most effective dishwashers on the market. It includes a one-year warranty, with extension options included. A certified appliance repair specialist will also be on call for emergency repairs should the equipment get damaged somehow.


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