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Getting Good Quality Combustion in Furnace

The dangers of an incomplete combustion is all too clear to the typical furnace owner. However, a perfect combustion, according to scientists, is next to impossible.

To start with, there are simply too many major and minor factors going on for a combustion unit to achieve a perfect burn. If it does, the process should yield water vapor and a limited amount of other byproducts. By nature, anything that runs on fuel will most likely leave residues such as soot, and emit gases like carbon monoxide in larger amounts.

If you want to make the most out of a furnace’s efficiency, you’ll need to get more of one vital ingredient, namely air. If perfect combustion is nearly impossible to achieve, you’ll just have to settle with the next best thing: a stable combustion. This can be achieved by allowing more air into the chamber, the surplus amount known as “excess of air.”

For natural gas furnaces, ideal combustion can be achieved with 10 percent excess of air or 10 percent more air than normal. The more air that mixes with the combustion process, the less of the gaseous end products can be produced. Doubling the amount of air cuts a natural gas unit’s carbon dioxide emissions by 50 percent.

It may not be a perfect burn, but it’s better than leaving a sooty mess in the furnace. On top of that, you also reduce the amount of harmful emissions. 


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