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The Benefits of Solar ACs

Due to Houston’s soaring hot and humid climate, electric bills soar high as well. One way to reduce the cost of electricity is to lessen the use of ACs around the house. The problem is that would be too much of a sacrifice. The real solution is to switch to a more efficient energy supply such as solar energy. This type of system can save up to 40% or more on electricity consumption.

When your AC gets solar energy from the sun with the use of solar panels, which converts sunlight into actual, usable electricity, you are stepping into the future of energy. Solar reduces human’s dependency on fossil fuels as a source of energy. A solar powered AC does not only reduce the cost of electricity, it also helps to improve the state of the environment.

Solar energy is free, unless you subscribe to a utility company that offers such services. Energy coming from the sun is infinite. As long as there is sun, there will be available electricity for your home. Solar systems on you roof to power your AC may also improve the value of your home. This is due to the fact that for every $1 reduction of annual utility bills, an average of $20 is added to the value of a home. Companies such as Lenox in Houston and others provide solar roof panel systems.


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