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Signs of Air Conditioning Trouble

Many Houstonians know the importance of an efficient air conditioning unit. Houston is a city that easily hits 90 degrees Fahrenheit in summer, so an efficient AC unit can help them be more comfortable.

However, the AC unit is susceptible to damage and problems. The AC unit must be taken care of like any other machine in order to prevent more costly problems from happening. Here are some AC problems that should make you think when you encounter them.

Excessive Noise

Current AC units are designed to run as efficiently and quietly as possible. If your air conditioner makes too much noise, then it is a sign that tells you to contact an expert as soon as possible. It probably means that a component inside the machine is getting loose, or it already has.

Strange Odors

You would usually smell nothing when you turn the AC on. However, you should be alarmed if you smell something strange when the AC is on. It is important to check whether the filter needs cleaning or there is a decaying carcass of an animal inside the unit. If the scent is a burnt one, then there’s something wrong with the wiring.

Warm Air

A definite sign of a problem is if the air conditioning unit is putting out warm air. This will have a negative effect on your energy bills, and you need an expert to check it out right away.


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