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Taking care of the heater’s supply line

Imagine your house being equipped with one of the best water heaters in the market today. A preferred contractor set it up for you and educated you on the finer points of maintaining it. The water heater performs as advertised if it is connected to a well-secured water supply line. However, what if it acts up one day? An expert contractor inspects it and determines that there is nothing wrong with the heater, leaving the supply line as a prime suspect for replacement.

The initial step in the process is to locate the pressure release valve and both hot and cold water lines somewhere on the heater. Measure the lengths of the cold and hot water supply lines, accounting for any flexes or in the tubing, plus their diameter. Show the numbers during consultations with your contractor, who can then quote you for parts and labor after checking the entire system.

When the plumbing crew pushes on with the repair job, lay the groundwork for them by shutting down the power and water connections to the heater. You will also have to pull the pressure release valve to ease the pressure. The team will then proceed to replace the lines. If the water lines are the main reason why the heater’s not performing well, replacing them will help. 


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