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Reasons to Get Sunsource® by Lennox HVAC Systems

It’s an irrefutable fact that solar power is one of the most commonly-harnessed sources of renewable energy in the world today. The improvements in solar technology have allowed homes to take advantage of this affordable energy source to power their HVAC systems. Sunsource® is one such innovation.

Lennox takes advantage of solar energy and makes it available for residential power usage through SunSource®. Rising utility bills from expensive electricity usage and inefficient roofs prompted the company to devise a system for ecologically-wise homeowners.

The savvy apparatus fuels appliances with transformed solar energy. SunSource® firstly applies the solar power to heating and air conditioning systems. When the heat pumps or air conditioners are not in use, SunSource® can alternatively power lighting and other electronic devices. Thanks to this, utility electricity costs are minimized.

Traditionally, solar energy is collected by solar panels with a singular inverter, but SunSource® operates with solar modules which have individual inverters. These modules harvest information on the performance of the system and send it to a database. This database operates 24/7 on a real-time basis and is made available for viewing by the consumer.

With the valuable qualities that it offers, SunSource® is very ideal for a home or a real estate property. The versatility, environmental friendliness, and sleek design of the innovative Lennox SunSource® systems make the house more attractive and practical.


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