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Getting On the Budget Trane

Homeowners, who want to keep their homes exceptionally warm this winter and save money, should look at upgrading to a Trane furnace. These high quality furnaces have a particularly high annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) rating. However, if your budget for your HVAC is a bit limited, and you live in a moderate climate, you can opt for a gas furnace of lesser AFUE grades – of which Trane Inc. offers in the form of the XL80.

The XL80’s AFUE has been graded at 80%, which is enough for heating solutions in moderate climates, but not enough for higher latitudes. The core of the system is a four-speed blower motor backed up by a primary heat exchanger with two-stage heating operation and a multi-port burner.

The furnace also has the capability of being interlinked with existing digital thermostats. Product support and reliability are among the hallmarks of the XL80. Like every Trane product, the XL80 carries a 20-year warranty on the heat exchanger and ten years on other parts. The furnace is listed at a cost no more than $1,400 including installation.

If you aren’t living on the North Pole, and you are looking for a furnace that won’t cost an arm and a leg, hop on the budget train, and purchase a Trane XL80! 


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