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Some Handy Tips for Keeping Your AC Unit Running

It is pretty easy to locate any signs that your air conditioning unit is in trouble. If you spot them, then here are some measures you can take in order to avoid losing the unit completely.

Not cool enough

According to Houston air conditioning experts, having good airflow does not necessarily mean you can expect the same degree of coldness from your AC unit. This usually happens when the AC has ran out of refrigerant or the internal cooling system has deteriorated.

Start with the basics

If you want your AC unit to remain in tiptop condition, you have to stick to the kind of maintenance it requires. Get rid of any grass or weeds that surround the condenser since they could block airflow, then use a commercial coil cleaner to thoroughly cleanse the condenser.

Take it easy

To effectively remove the accumulated dirt, use a soft brush in cleaning fins. If necessary, remove the protective grille so you can have more control on hard to reach areas. As you clean the fins, be mindful not to use a garden hose since it could turn dirt into mud and may get stuck between fins.

Prevention is key

If you find the task too much to handle, seek the help of a professional. Work with established names to make sure that you get the most out of your funds.


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