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First aid for water heater breakdown

You use hot water for everything, from showers to laundry. So when your water heater breaks down, it won’t be that easy to do routine tasks. When this happens to your water heater, would you play the role of household handyman to repair it, and risk damaging the heater further?

Repairing the water heater can be very complicated, and is more suited to highly-trained and skilled professionals. However, you can do something to prevent further damage in your water heater while you’re waiting for it to be repaired or replaced. First, you should turn off the water supply. This will ensure that in case your heater problem isn’t fixed soon, it will not create other problems such as flooding. Traditional heaters have pipes at the back of the unit that supply cold water to the heater.

Next, you should turn the heater’s power off to reduce the risk of fire in case the automatic shutoff feature doesn’t work. In case flooding did happen, clean-up should immediately follow to lessen the risk of mold formation. It is recommended, however, to call a water damage restoration professional for more serious damages. Of course, the most important move would be to call a professional to repair your water heater.

Water heater repair is no easy task and you’ll be requiring the help of technicians who will diagnose the situation, provide you with options, and give you upfront pricing so you’ll know the cost of repairs before it even starts.


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