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Keeping Residents Healthy This Winter Season

As freezing temperatures are felt throughout Houston this winter, many locals are likely to be focusing on ways to keep their homes warm and comfortable. Things like sealing their windows and purchasing highly efficient heating systems from leading manufacturers like Trane.

However, what some locals may not know is that as they turn up their furnace settings to ensure they are cozy and warm at home, they are making indoor air even drier. Dry indoor air may not sound alarming at first, but it can make a home’s occupants more prone to scaly skin and dry noses.

Having cracking skin and dry nasal passages can increase the chance of catching a disease or infection. Fortunately, people can turn up their heaters as high as they need to without having to worry about their heath, if they allow a Trane humidifier to enter the picture.

A humidifier does not only ensure an ambient moisture level at home, it also protects the home against dust mites, and mold growth, two likely causes for allergies. Homeowners can maximize the efficiency of humidifiers by making sure to use distilled water or demineralized water.

Humidifier water must also be changed frequently to avoid dirt buildup. In addition, unlike heating or cooling systems that can go without cleaning for months, it is recommended that humidifiers be cleaned once every three days.


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