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Environmentally-Friendly AC Units

Houston, being located on an arid area, is used to hot temperatures. Compared to the rest of the country, Houston is one of the hottest places to live in. This is why air conditioning units are a hot commodity in Houston, with a lot of Houstonians putting it on full blast when the Sun gets angry.

The use of air conditioning units is fine, but problems for the environment arise when units use refrigerants like Freon that can cause damage to the ozone layer. This made homeowners more environmentally aware, eventually preferring more environment-friendly air conditioning units.

Changing an air conditioner to a more environment-friendly one has various benefits. They consume less energy than older units, reducing demand for energy across the board. The reduced environmental impact caused by a more eco-friendly refrigerant contributes to the worldwide cause of conserving the planet.

Most of these units usually carry an Energy Star mark, meaning they operate for less energy. There are also solar-powered units, which come with their own panels to convert solar energy into power. Despite these innovations being relatively new, this is an exciting prospect for Houston. As a city constantly exposed to the Sun, eco-friendly units can definitely help homes and buildings in reducing their electric bill.


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