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Ensure a Comfortable Stay for Wintertime Guests

Some parts of the country have it bad in the winter, while others, like Houston, have it relatively easy. As such, don’t be surprised if close relatives or friends from colder parts of the country request to stay at your place for a couple of weeks to escape from Old Man Winter. However, to ensure a comfortable stay for your guests, your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system must be in optimum condition.

After all, you’ll want to achieve the right indoor temperature levels – neither too hot nor cold – for optimum thermal comfort. While there are some air conditioner maintenance tasks you can easily handle by yourself, such as cleaning or changing the filters, it’s only sensible to hire air conditioning specialists if you need to troubleshoot more advanced problems. These professionals are trained in repairing well-known AC brands like Trane, so you know your AC is in good hands.

AC issues that are best handled by professionals include refrigerant leaks, which is the usual culprit for when the air doesn’t cool at the desired temperature or doesn’t cool at all. Another AC issue that’s within the same ballpark is constant cycling, a problem that can normally be address with an adjustment of the thermostat sensor. Getting these problems fixed professionally will mean a more comfortable stay for your guests this winter.


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